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Highland Mother and Widow Embraces Help from Little Miracles After Multiple Tragedies

HIGHLAND, Utah (ABC4 News) A widow and mother of five boys has found new reasons to smile after a foundation helped to give her home a well-deserved makeover.

Patti Platt Hamblin of Highland has had more than her share of tragedies. As the oldest child of 13, Hamblin first experienced extreme grief after the loss of her 2-year-old brother when she was only eight. In 2008 Hamblin lost her husband Michael, leaving her to raise her boys on her own.

Then at the end of 2015, she lost her 27-year-son Trevor and her 2-year-old granddaughter Chaslyn, both within a week of each other.

Though Hamblin has tried throughout the years to keep her head up and stay motivated the loss of her son and granddaughter pushed her over the edge. Hamblin said the loss of a child is a grief unlike any other she had ever experienced.

Hamblin, a licensed mediator who is self-employed and a full time student working towards her masters in clinical mental health counseling, said working on the things like repairs and painting around the house became overwhelming.

Knowing the struggle Hamblin was going through, her sister worked with Little Miracles Foundation to help bring her some well needed and long overdue help.

For two days straight, over 150 volunteers, including 50 members of the BYU football team, worked to fix up both the inside and the outside of Hamblin’s home.

From painting to landscaping, to building irrigation in the backyard to cutting, framing and sheet rocking, everyone worked around the clock as Hamblin stayed with her mother down the street.

Surrounded by her family, friends, neighbors and a lot of love, Hamblin got to see her home for the first time after the remodel on Saturday.

At a loss for words she toured her home and her yard. Hamblin knows the Little Miracles Foundation just helped make a very big miracle happen in her life.

Hamblin says she feels like this will help her with a fresh new start, a breath of fresh air, almost like a new birth.


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